What we do.

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.

The Kiwanis Club of Phoenix was founded on April 19, 1917 under the principles of Kiwanis International. It is the oldest Kiwanis Club in Arizona and one of the oldest in the world. Our goal is to work for a better quality of life for the citizens of Phoenix, our state and nation, and internationally. While we welcome service opportunities from across the full spectrum of our community, we are especially interested in the physical, emotional, educational, and social wellbeing of our children.

We believe that many benefits will accrue to you individually and to the community as a result of your participation in the club meetings, service projects, and other activities. The club provides many opportunities for fellowship and constructive community action, and we find that our members benefit most from Kiwanis when they regularly participate and contribute a portion of their time and energies to our efforts. Here is some additional information you may find helpful. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Meetings and Attendance

We meet every Tuesday at 12pm at the Phoenix Country Club for lunch. After our meal and announcements, we have a guest speaker program which concludes by 1:30pm. Occasionally, we will move our weekly meeting off- site for a special program. Keeping in mind that each of us has other demands on our time, all active members are expected to attend regular weekly meetings as often as possible, with a minimum goal of 60%. Make-up meetings are accomplished during a month by attending a Kiwanis club’s meeting in another city, our monthly board of directors, or participation in the service project. We don’t insist on perfect attendance; we recognize members who are consistent in that regard, some for as much a 45 years plus. (One Tuesday a month is a board meeting.)

Much of our planning is done through committees and the board of directors. The committees generally meet prior to the regular meeting. Our members also schedule visits to other Kiwanis clubs through our “interclub” activity. Several times a year, we offer social events for our members and spouses or other guests. Kiwanis International has a yearly international convention and the Southwest District also holds a training conference and convention at various locations that are open to any Kiwanian to attend. (The Southwest District is one of 50 districts worldwide and is composed of divisions in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso County, Texas.)

The New Member Process

New member applications are reviewed by our board of directors for approval. You are then welcomed into the club through a brief induction ceremony at a weekly meeting. You will be assigned a mentor to assist in a smooth transition involving you in club’s activities. Together you will attend a new member orientation that includes aspects of our club history and structure, a description of service projects, and general information about Kiwanis. As a new member, you will be asked to serve on our Services Committee which meets once a month; it is responsible for planning our service projects. You will also complete other tasks intended to help you learn about Kiwanis and allow you to realize the benefits from your membership.


Your most frequent participation will be attending our weekly meetings. In addition, you will be asked to serve from time to time on various other committees, based on your interests. You may also be invited to serve on our board of directors which usually includes a mix of longer tenured as well as relatively new members. Participation is expected at our major service projects during the year, e.g., Kids Day at the Fair, Special Olympics, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, and our educational activities at inner-city schools.

Sponsored Youth Organizations

From time to time, depending on circumstances such as the availability of a faculty advisor, we sponsor and participate in activities of high school Key Clubs, college Circle K Clubs and middle school Builders Clubs. At the present time, we sponsor the Key Clubs at North High School and Xavier College Prep. These clubs require a Kiwanis club sponsorship, to help students develop a sense of community service, learn leadership and organizational skills, and enjoy the experience. We are very active at the Excelencia Elementary School with Terrific Kids, Reading,, holiday parties, and field trips.

Kiwanis Publications

Like every effective organization, Kiwanis recognizes the importance of regular and informative communications. As a member of this club, you will receive a weekly e-mailed Kiwanis Klipper newsletter to keep you informed about our activities. Additionally, every other month, the Southwest District newsletter is available on-line and the Kiwanis magazine is mailed from Kiwanis International. Our club also has a written history that is currently being updated and should be available for reprinting within the next several months.

Phoenix Kiwanis Charitable Foundation

Several years ago, in an effort to better enable our club to perpetuate its service to the community, we created thePhoenix Kiwanis Charitable Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization, through which we conduct our fund raising activities. Gifts and bequests to the Foundation have enabled it to establish an endowment fund, the interest earnings of which are available to help underwrite the club’s service work. The Foundation endowment currently has a balance of over $400,000.

In this limited space we can only touch on some of the information about our club that has existed 96 years. We hope you can appreciate that the Kiwanis Club of Phoenix has much to offer you: fellowship with other members, excellent and timely weekly programs featuring guest speakers, social events and, most important, varied opportunities to serve our community. We are pleased that you are interested in the possibility of membership. If you believe you are ready to become an active member of the club, we invite you to submit your application now.

If you need more information, please ask the Kiwanian who invited you to visit us or contact our Secretary: B.K. Knappenberger at or 602-200-0123.

During the past year the Kiwanis Club of Phoenix has completed the following Community Service Projects:

  • Kids Day at the Fair for challenged children
  • Sponsoring Excelencia School’s third grade class to attend The Phoenix Zoo, holiday parties, a weekly reading program, and a personalized dictionary for each student
  • Special Olympics
  • Xavier Key Club sponsored activities
  • Saint Mary’s Food Bank box preparation
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing
  • 12th Street Clean-up on 12th Street from McDowell to Thomas each quarter of the year

Recently, the Kiwanis Club of Phoenix received weekly interactive presentations from a variety of guest speakers:

  • Kelly Frizzell, Sergeant, Officer Appreciation for Officer Frank Banuelos
  • Craig Fouhy, KNXV-15 Sports Update (BBQ)
  • Nancie Lindblam, Teacher of the Year
  • Alan Davis, Strategic Solutions
  • Doug Taylor, Special Olympics in Belize
  • Laura Hinze, AZ Animal Welfare League
  • Todd Sanders, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Wes Waddle, Civil Air Patrol
  • Tara Jackson, AZ Town Hall
  • Bob Wolf, Author The Legacy Kiwanis Leaves for the Next Generation
  • Ben Limmer, Valley Metro Light Rail
  • Bill Gates, City Council Vice Mayor
  • Cindy Erwin, AZ Agriculture / Equine Center
  • Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Council, District 6
  • Jeff Williams, Landscape / Wildlife Photography
  • Danny Spitler, Founder of the Cambodia Spitler School Foundation
  • Cynthia Schuler, CEO of Tumbleweed
  • Michelle Berg, Principal of Excelencia Elementary School
  • Detective Kathy Enriquez, Drug Enforcement Bureau - Officer Appreciation
  • Kiwanis Past Governor Jim Courtright, Youth Protection Guidelines
  • Greg Corns New YMCA at ASU Downtown
  • Kiwanis Past Governor Windy Mortensen, 41st Annual Kids’ Day at the Fair